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Manufacturer: Pet Door Guys
Sizing Guide:

Rise plus net opening height should total 1"-2" above the high point of the tallest pet's back.

SizeNet OpeningPet Weight
Small 6"x11" Up to 12 Pounds
Medium 8"x15" Up to 40 Pounds
Large 10"x19"" Up to 100 Pounds
X-Large 12"x23" Up to 220 Pounds

Orange County Pet Doors

Opening suggestions for size and rise

Sizing: The chart gives general size suggestions based on weight. The combination of rise and pet opening height will determine your pet's ease of use.

  1. Measure your (tallest) pet from the floor to the top of the shoulder. Record this number.
  2. Establish your doors minimum rise. Measure 3" above the bottom of the GLASS being converted. A close guess is O.K. Place a piece of tape on the glass to mark the spot.
  3. Measure from the taped spot on the glass to the floor. This is your doors minimum "rise" or step-over height after installation of the conversion system. Standard patio doors generally have between 5-7" of minimum rise. French rail and other doors with taller bottom rails can total 8-10".
  4. Review this page, the Determining Rise chart and our video to get the ideal combination of rise and pet opening height and width for your pet. The combination of actual rise and the pet door opening height should total 1-2" above the tallest pets back.