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Style: Dutch (also referred to as a stable, split or divided door)
Material: Wood

Versatile Features of Dutch Doors

Made popular in farm homes in the Netherlands during the 1600’s, Dutch doors open the top half of the door while keeping the bottom half closed. Today, the Dutch door remains a great way to create flexible transitions between rooms.

Americans have a fondness for the Dutch door which is also referred to as a stable, split or divided door, has a unique flair and is functionally very different from a standard door.

In homes today, the split door is a popular choice for the butler's pantry because they allow easy access for passing dishes and food through the top half of the door.  Today the split door offers a great way to allow fresh air to circulate while keeping children and pets secure inside.

Divided doors are easily converted to function as a single door; a mechanism known as a "quadrant" allows the doors to be latched together allowing them to be opened or closed as one unit.

Dutch doors are often used at the front entrance to a home. In this instance, special locks are needed to ensure security.

Additional popular uses of the Dutch door include kitchens, side entrances, nurseries, playhouses and tool sheds.

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